Reliable broadcast automation for fewer channels

FastBreak® 800 automation manages and controls content in the broadcast master control room. Designed for one or two channels of control, FastBreak 800 integrates database management with control of video servers, tape transports, switchers, routers, and other common peripherals for complete broadcast automation. Numerous commercial broadcast groups and Public Television stations have relied on Avid FastBreak automation since its first release in 1995.

Key Benefits

Solid Technology

FastBreak 800 is engineered with the same List Processor technology as our larger systems.

Sized Right
An excellent solution for small scale call letter broadcasters, cable, college, government and public access channels, FastBreak 800 is built specifically for one or two channel operation,. This standard configuration consists of one Air Control Workstation for the on-air playlists and a Media Prep station with an integrated SIDON® device server to control peripherals.

Scale up
Upgradeable to a FastBreak 2000 or FastBreak 8000 system, FastBreak 800 preserves your hardware investment. FastBreak 800 is also expandable with functionality upgrades, such as Intelli-Sat™, News Recorder or Digital Delivery Management System.

Full Device Control
FastBreak 800 comes standard with SIDON Device Control an expandable TCP/IP-based machine control architecture. The SIDON server frame-accurately controls most broadcast hardware. It features unlimited access to the full library of drivers at no added cost for users in good standing. New device drivers are continually added to the pool of "Avid FastBreak Certified" devices.

Enterprise Class Hardware

For reliability, FastBreak 800 comes pre-installed on rack mountable enterprise-grade Windows workstations with mirrored hard drives and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies

Dedicated Support
Avid FastBreak Automation Solutions are backed by world-class support personnel who not only fully understand your facility’s workflow, but are always available to provide the troubleshooting, installation and training you need to succeed.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.