Launch Box

Launch Box
  • Launch Box is a direct-access hardware control panel with 15 user programmable, switcher-style buttons designed to facilitate on-air operations. Launch Box attaches to an Avid FastBreak Air Control Station and is fully compatible with FastBreak 8000, 2000, and 800 automation systems.

News Recorder

  • News Recorder allows stations to effortlessly repurpose their newscasts or other live broadcasts for later server-based playback. The program automatically records and segments live shows based on triggers, either through a network connection from an Avid FastBreak product, or via GPI closure from the production switcher. News Recorder sets frame accurate "in" and "out" points and updates the automation media database with the appropriate metadata.
  • News Recorder automatically segments the show based on where the triggers are placed in the automation list so that no operator work is required to repurpose the show for later broadcast. Simply set-up the playlist with an ID and name and let News Recorder take care of the rest.
  • Common uses for News Recorder are recording newscasts to repurpose them onto a local cable news channel, recording live shows to play back later in the day, or ingesting shows automatically as they air from tape for subsequent server playback.

Program View

  • Program View extends the accessibility of broadcast media beyond master control. It permits anyone within the facility, or remotely over a wide area network, to view the database of video server contents and play any desired elements directly on their desktop via network connection.
  • The low-res versions can utilize either Rhozet Carbon Coder or Telestream Flip Factory to create a proxy of all new content. Many video servers will also generate suitable low-res content as well. Users can also configure their systems to view full resolution content directly from their server.
  • Program View extends the functionality normally limited to master control. Server elements can be viewed, trimmed, sub-clipped, or even have FlexEvents attached to them - right from the desktop.

Segment Share

  • For Group broadcasters seeking ways to improve efficiency, Segment Share consolidates the trimming and segmenting of material that is ingested by multiple Group stations. After ingesting a program, an operator typically trims the content and marks the program's segment timings into the automation database.
  • Segment Share allows sharing of this information between stations. Each station still ingests their own feeds, but only one station does the trimming and segmenting and then uploads the segment data to a shared database for access by other stations to match to their automation database. Applying this feature across many stations with multiple daily hours of recording, a station group can realize a significant workload reduction and free up staff for other tasks.
  • The Segment Share application can be hosted on any computer safely inside the group’s WAN, ensuring secure access between only the appropriate workstations.

Web Inventory

  • Increases remote productivity by allowing users to screen inventory and playlists via any Internet browser. This powerful tool provides access to video server and tape inventory lists, satellite recording schedules and on-air playlists. It also provides secure access to critical operations information from remote locations such as viewing of continually updated playlists and Intelli-Sat satellite ingest schedules.