ISIS 2000

ISIS 2000

Cost-effective Nearline storage to access and manage media beyond active production

Avid ISIS storage systems give you the power to store, share, and manage large quantities of media.  Now, with Avid ISIS 2000, you can more economically extend your library of accessible media with a cost-effective, disk-based Nearline solution that augments your active real-time production storage and provides ready access to more of your media assets.

ISIS 2000 lets you enhance your workflows and optimize your overall storage investment with a solution:

  • Specially tailored for Avid workflows
  • Purpose-built for large-scale media storage
  • Able to multiply the number of assets readily accessible for reuse and monetization
  • Backed by Avid support and professional services

Enhance Your Workflows

ISIS 2000 can enhance your existing workflows, enable entirely new workflows, and empower you to work more effectively in a fast-paced, media-intensive environment. Working in concert with online storage, ISIS 2000 can be used to store proxy resolutions and facilitate rough cut editing.  It can also be used as a platform for restoring assets from archive and as a pre-staging area for media related to upcoming events or accessing seasonal content. Enabling feed and file based ingest, ISIS 2000 provides a cost effective place to maintain your media before it is moved to either online storage for production or into archive.