ISIS | 7500

Top ISIS | 7500 features

Access media with unparalleled performance

Access media with unparalleled performance

Through patented technology, ISIS ensures client media due times, delivering incomparable, predictable performance and more media streams per ISIS Engine in even the most editing-intensive environments. As client counts increase, ISIS | 7500 sustains real-time linear performance across the system—with up to 9.6 GB/sec bandwidth on systems employing 24 engines.

Get exceptional scalability for your changing needs

Get exceptional scalability for your changing needs

To handle the sheer amount of incoming media—from shot footage to new media for social and other channels—ISIS | 7500 makes it easy to scale your workgroup, bandwidth, and capacity. Connect up to 330 content contributors with real-time, multistream performance. And with a choice of 2 TB, 4 TB and 8 TB you can scale workgroups from 16 TB up to 1.53 PB with ISIS Mirroring protection (3 PB of raw storage)—enough to store over 2,600 hours of uncompressed HD or over 50,000 hours of compressed HD.

Work faster with real-time collaboration

Work faster with real-time collaboration

As content demand increases and priorities and deadlines change, collaboration is key. With ISIS | 7500, you and hundreds of other content creators and contributors can work together—sharing and editing SD, HD, and/or 4K media assets accessible facility-wide, or everywhere with Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)—to turn around projects faster. It’s the only system that provides a highly scalable, highly protected, real-time collaborative editorial workflow.

Maximize production efficiency and flexibility

Maximize production efficiency and flexibility

ISIS | 7500 was built with the entire media production workflow in mind. Experience the tightest integration with AirSpeed 5000 ingest/playout, Interplay asset management, and Media Composer workflows. Plus, with support for third-party applications and servers, you can easily integrate ISIS into existing infrastructures.

Work with HD and high-res files

Work with HD and high-res files

With support for real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K workflows, ISIS | 7500 enables you to work with a vast amount of content from a variety of sources and make it readily available everywhere. Accommodate a massive increase in source material. Retain current and prior material. Stage episodic and event-driven material. And maintain a library of historic clips, stock footage, and other commonly used assets.

Other features

Scalable recovery

With patented data distribution/redistribution technology, real-time performance is maintained if a disk fails, with ultra-fast automatic drive rebuild that returns the system to a healthy state 20x faster than most RAID protection schemes.

Protected performance

Configure storage groups with mirrored protection to get the highest performance, highest-efficiency storage, and fastest recovery times on the market.

Unmatched bandwidth scalability

As ISIS storage engines are added, ISIS | 7500 provides efficient, linear bandwidth scaling to sustain performance.

Gigabit Ethernet interface

Standard Gigabit Ethernet connectivity eliminates the need for mixed Fiber Channel and Ethernet networks.

Easy system and storage management

Create workspaces to suit your needs. With secure user credentials, you can keep projects separate and scale workspace capacity up or down as needed on the fly. Plus, the intuitive management console provides FlexDrive technology to configure and adjust storage from any web browser.

Reliable network

Two hot swappable integrated Ethernet switching modules provide redundant ISIS Engine interconnection and client connection to storage.

Lower total cost of ownership

With the new high-performance i8000 storage blade, which provides a 128 TB capacity, you can optimize performance, scalability, and storage density at a more affordable price. More importantly, this new engine lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO), delivering twice the storage capacity (up to 3 PB of raw storage) using the same physical footprint as smaller capacity ISIS | 7500 configurations, but without requiring any increase in power consumption, cooling, cabling, or other operational expense.

Open connectivity

Sync with Microsoft Active Directory using LDAP, share workspaces through CIFS, and access storage with Avid and non-Avid editing applications.