Interplay | MAM

To create more content under tighter deadlines and distribute that content to an ever-growing array of platforms, you need smart media management driving coordinated workflows.

Meeting your challenges

Avid Interplay | MAM provides the most comprehensive and intelligent solution for media asset management available today to help you organize your media, make it broadly accessible, unify and coordinate every aspect of production, and link to business functions such as rights management and market data.

With Interplay | MAM, you can build workflows and central archives that interlink every contributor, facility, geographic location, and application in the enterprise, letting them work fluidly with all your assets and associated metadata.

Growing as you grow

Designed to grow and adapt with you, Interplay | MAM provides a highly scalable and flexible data model capable of handling any specific requirement and changes or additions you need. Unique time-based metadata tracks let you instantly locate the right video, audio, still image, graphics, and documents. Automated through a graphical interface, workflows combine with Web Services APIs and an SOA structure to integrate any server, storage, editing, graphics, or traffic system.

Quick start

The Interplay | MAM Foundation solution delivers key workflows around a dynamic archive capability in a complete quick start package of software, workflow automation, partner integrations, and professional services. Covering the most common access, media operations, and asset protection needs of your organization, you can easily customize and expand workflows, integrations, services, and clients as needed.