Interplay | MAM

Interplay | MAM Foundation

Interplay | MAM Foundation is an Interplay solution that addresses the most common access, operations, and asset protection needs of a media organization. It provides workflows based on a dynamic, central media store that can:

  • Index and locate media
  • Support video media workflow
  • Access media from anywhere
  • Enable users to browse, select, edit, annotate, review, approve, and plan
  • Automate import, transcode, and distribution workflows
  • Integrate with productions applications and systems

Media operations hub

Interplay | MAM Foundation creates an automated central media operations hub that automates non-creative tasks, connects and speeds processes, organizes and protects media, and lowers the unit cost of storage. Intuitive Interplay tools unite contributors—even across divisional and geographic boundaries—to collaboratively plan, select, shot-list, annotate, and review and approve content.

No limits

The Interplay | MAM Foundation solution includes comprehensive pre-defined software configurations, partner integrations, Avid Professional Services engagements, and Avid advantage support. However it’s also essential to plan for change, so you can optionally extend or upgrade the system at any time with additional integrations, capabilities, services, and clients.

Every industry-leading Interplay | MAM feature is included, such as extremely useful metadata tracks or "strata," graphical workflow modeling and orchestration, and Interplay Desktop, Cataloger, and administrative tools, as well as powerful interoperation with Interplay | Production workgroups.

Expertise included

No one has more experience in media asset management than Avid. Interplay | MAM Foundation comes with full state-of-the-industry expertise from the Avid Professional Services team, which has completed over 1,300 customer engagements, and includes one year of 24x7 Avid Advantage Elite support.

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