Interplay | Production

Key Features

Collaborative production management

Collaborative production management

Track every media file component and its relationship to each project. Link all resolution and format versions, maintain version control, enable smart media deletion, and support workflows in a wide range of resolutions and formats. Messaging system with deep links to assets enables enhanced collaboration between workgroup members.

Search and media management

Search and media management

Quickly find, browse, and bring media into your project from local or remote sites. Extended search allows for filtering based on a wide range of metadata attributes. High resolution versions of remote media are transparently delivered to the destination site.

WAN workflow

Universal connectivity

Web-based tools and media streaming enable collaborative review, annotation, logging, shot-listing, basic editing, and pre-planning from anywhere. Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere) adds support for remote Media Composer editing, full workgroup connectivity, and fast, transparent uploading.

Connected archive storage

Connected archive storage

Extend online shared media access with workgroup-connected ISIS | 2500 nearline storage or high-density data tape archive systems, enabling effective storage management.

Complete integration, reliable operation

Complete integration, reliable operation

With complete integration and workflow testing with best-of-breed Media Composer, ISIS shared storage, AirSpeed ingest/playout, iNEWS newsroom management, Interplay | MAM, and over 80 qualified partner integrations, Interplay | Production solutions minimize risk, decrease support problems caused by vendor finger-pointing, and decrease uncoordinated version compatibility issues.

Key Benefits

Work everywhere

Producers, loggers, and assistants can work intuitively with any type of media, instantly delivered as proxies over common Internet connections. Media Composer | Cloud adds full bi-directional workflow for editors on location or wherever the story is happening.

Create your own solution

Link with web content management systems, manage ingest, orchestrate web and mobile distribution, or create any workflow you can imagine with optional Media | Distribute (formerly Interplay Pulse) integrations, included Web Services APIs and the expertise of Avid Services.

Access local and remote media

Eliminate guesswork and dramatically save time by directly searching for media in local and remote sites, then dragging and dropping selected in/out points to the timeline as the full–res version is automatically transferred in the target format.

Use less storage

Tracking of all media eliminates duplication and makes regular, safe deletion of unneeded media a quick and simple task. Workflow-connected nearline and archive storage expands media reuse and lowers average cost per used TB.

Unleash the power of collaboration and simplify production

The included Avid MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central) toolset provides focused tools for journalists, producers, assistants, loggers, reviewers, media managers, and administrators. Much more work gets done ahead of the editor with web-based tools that are usable everywhere to search, browse, do multi-camera logging, basic editing, review and approval, build complete news packages, and more while non-creative tasks are handled in the background.