Interplay Stream Server


Taking its cue from Interplay Stream Publish – and its requests from Interplay Access users – the Interplay Stream Server enables access to media over WAN connections to extend any workgroup beyond the facility. With just a 1Mbps VPN connection over any DSL, cable modem or wireless connection, any producer, journalist, assistant, manager, or logger using Interplay Access can be productive quickly from anywhere in the world.


WAN Workflows
Both small outposts and large ranks of remote assistants, off-site loggers, producers, or reporters in the field can all work in concert using Interplay Access, no matter where they are. The interface, the features, and the media  are identical whether sitting at a desktop in the building or a laptop at the airport.

Cross-Platform Access
Support for both Mac OSX and Windows platforms on basic configurations of desktops or laptops, lets you choose your own systems and support the platforms you wish for users of Interplay Access. And since Interplay Stream Server streams proxy media using standard QuickTime technology, the experience is the same no matter which platform you choose.

Up to 100 Clients Served
With the ability to serve up to 100 concurrent clients per Stream Server with speeds as fast as the connection can handle – up to 10MBps – and bandwidth demands as low as 1mbps, postproduction and broadcast organizations can grow their workgroups, enable lower-cost WAN workflows, and get everyone productive without slowing down the video or corporate network.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.