Interplay Transfer


Interplay Transfer manages processor-intensive media transfers to and from video servers and transcoding engines. Broadcasters and post-production facilities can exchange high-resolution media with other workgroups, remote locations, and partner-integrated systems.


Let Interplay Transfer do the heavy lifting
Media can be transferred at rates up to 45 MB/s when configured for optimal performance within a workgroup. Background transfers offload processor-intensive transfers from busy editing systems.

Save space with intelligent file handling
Interplay Transfer intelligently decomposes a sequence, identifies all referenced master clips, and transfers only the referenced media files, preventing redundant material from filling up storage.

Keep distractions to a minimum
Interplay Transfer destinations are visible from the editing interface, so an editor doesn't need to leave a project to transfer a sequence. And Interplay Transfers take place in the background, so editing is not interrupted.

Integrate industry-partner media and machines
With broad industry support for Interplay Transfer application programming interfaces (APIs), facilities can add new production devices or file formats and share media seamlessly in a collaborative production environment.

Minimize delays with FrameChase™ editing
Interplay Transfer supports FrameChase editing when capturing MXF material from supported ingest devices, allowing editors to begin viewing and editing immediately after recording starts.

Edit straight from camera with tapeless I/O
Interplay Transfer moves material captured in supported file formats directly to an Avid Interplay workgroup, or to connected editing systems.