Sound amazing with newly re-architected Mbox Pro audio and MIDI computer recording interface

Sound amazing with Mbox Pro

Whether you work solo or collaborate with others, you’ll sound better than ever with the Mbox Pro audio and MIDI computer recording interface. Get best-in-class sound quality and performance with professional-grade circuitry and premium audio conversion. And capture and mix studio-quality sessions, with up to 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution.

Connect and control your gear

  • 8 x 8 simultaneous channels of I/O
  • 4 mic inputs (2 XLR mic/DI combo and 2 XLR) with professional-grade mic preamps and 48V phantom power and high pass filters
  • 4 1/4" TRS line-level inputs
  • 2 unbalanced 1/4" Alt line-level inputs (2 RCA, 1 stereo mini 1/8")
  • 6 balanced 1/4" TRS line-level outputs
  • 2 1/4" stereo headphone outputs with discrete volume controls
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Pro Tools software is the world’s most popular, most advanced music creation and audio production platform

Accelerate your creativity with Pro Tools | Software

Compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix with ease using the world’s most popular, most advanced music creation and audio production platform (learn more about Pro Tools).

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Work the way you want

Get the flexibility to work in more ways than ever. Use Pro Tools with Mbox Pro for maximum speed and creativity and get total session compatibility with Pro Tools studios worldwide. Or unleash your studio and use Pro Tools standalone for complete on-the-go creation. What’s more, you can even use Mbox Pro with other Core Audio- and ASIO-compatible software such as Logic, Live, Record, Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and more.

Use Pro Tools with Mbox Pro for maximum speed and creativity
Best in class audio quality

Pristine quality, powerful performance

Get best-in-class audio quality, exceptional performance, and the lowest possible latency in everything you do with Mbox Pro, featuring professional-grade converters, advanced recording technology, and a premium analog signal path. Because Mbox Pro tightly integrates with Pro Tools, you have a system that’s fast enough to keep up with your creativity. And with our stringent testing standards, you’re assured of rock-solid performance in even the most demanding environments.

All the ins and out you need—and more

Because you can work with up to eight inputs and eight outputs simultaneously, Pro Tools | Mbox Pro is ideal for recording yourself and a small band or ensemble. Connect mics, instruments, line- level equipment, MIDI gear, and digital devices to the wide array of analog and digital I/O. You can also add your favorite outboard signal processors to your mixes using the four insert jacks, attach a footswitch to control punch ins/outs, and maintain perfect sync with other digital devices through Word Clock I/O.

Work with up to eight inputs and eight outputs simultaneously
Advanced Mbox Pro features make it easy to get great results

Create effortlessly with extras

Mbox Pro comes packed with advanced features, making it even easier to get great results. Instantly perform Pro Tools commands right from the interface—like tap session tempo, start/stop record, and create a new track—with the customizable multi-function button. Tune your guitar, bass, and other instruments using the integrated guitar tuner. Prevent distortion when tracking louder sources using the same professional-grade soft-clip limiter found in our Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces. And set up more pleasing cue mixes with reverb using the onboard DSP.

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Maximum audio resolution 24-bit/96 kHz 24-bit/192 kHz
Connection type USB 2.0 (USB-powered) FireWire (includes power supply)
  • Pro Tools Express
  • 30+ virtual instruments and plug-ins
  • Drivers for third-party software use

Analog and digital inputs/outputs (I/O) and preamps

Total simultaneous channels of I/O 4/4 8/8
Simultaneous analog I/O 2/2 6/6
Mic preamps 2 4
Inserts None 4
Instrument DI (Direct Input) 2 2
Digital I/O S/PDIF (2 channels) S/PDIF (2 channels)
MIDI I/O 1/1 1/1

Built-in features

Onboard DSP effects
Built-in guitar tuner
Phantom power (48V)
Soft-clip limiter 2 (on mic preamps) 4 (on mic preamps)
Assignable software control button
Monitor controls Mono, Dim Mono, Dim, Mute

Additional I/O

Alternate source inputs with multiple monitor switching  
Word Clock I/O  
Stereo headphone output 1 (1/4") with volume control 2 (1/4") with discrete volume controls
Footswitch input