Media Composer | Cloud

What is Media Composer | Cloud?

Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere) opens the new frontier of universal, remote connectivity for news, sports, and video production, enabling you to collaborate and craft better stories from where they’re actually happening. Whether working on a news story across town or a feature film across the world, Media Composer | Cloud gives editors, reporters, and videographers the ability to ingest, edit, and move media fluidly between the story site and production facility from everywhere.

Media Composer | Cloud enables any Media Composer editor with an Internet connection to connect to an Interplay | Production workgroup. It connects multiple remote editors simultaneously, enabling them to combine footage from their location with material on the Interplay | Production system at the home facility. For quick turnaround, you can have proxies of finished edits precede full resolution media uploads and be available to everyone in the facility and the field in one simple, transparent process.

Coming soon...

Collaborate remotely on high-res projects, with support for low bandwidth proxies of high-res media coming to Interplay | Production soon.