MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central)


Access media and work on projects from practically any device, everywhere, using MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central), a cloud-based, web front-end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Whether you connect from a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, you get a unified experience (UX) to work whenever, wherever, and with whatever you want.

MediaCentral | UX features task-driven, customizable layouts that:

  • Provide real-time access to production assets, metadata, and iNEWS stories
  • Extend story-centric, media production workflows, including multiplatform distribution and closed captioning
  • Facilitate workflow, video editing, audio editing, news story creation, rundown management, messaging, and workgroup collaboration
  • Tie multiple contributors with different roles together in and around the creative process


MediaCentral | UX unifies media production for multiple roles, enabling you and other contributors to:

  • Search for and playback clips
  • Drop markers
  • Make notes
  • Create sequences and scripts
  • Log and generate sequences of multicam projects
  • Add restrictions
  • Record, monitor, and mix audio
  • Send-to-playback
  • Message with deep links
  • Manage rundowns
  • Break and edit stories from the field

The modular interface accommodates and streamlines user tasks based on what you need to accomplish—here are some examples:

Production Assistant


News Producer