MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central)

User benefits

MediaCentral | UX is a web and mobile platform that delivers the ultimate in flexibility, enabling you to work how, when, and where you want.

  • Access Media—Access all of your production assets and associated metadata from a single, unified UI, with enhanced search capabilities and real-time playback
  • Sequence—Create rough-cut, multicam, or other advanced sequences with video dissolves or L-cuts
  • Log—Add markers and sub-clip video or live feeds to allow subsequent search and retrieval of relevant content
  • Frame-chase edit—Play or edit MXF media that is being captured by a supported device, such as AirSpeed | 5000
  • Message—Send messages to all of your associates to exchange asset links and notes throughout the workgroup and directly to the editing desktop, speeding pre-planning, review, and approval
  • Restrict—Add content use restrictions
  • Adjust audio—Use any audio track from the source clip in a sequence, modify audio levels of individual clips, and create audio to narrate a video sequence

Business benefits

  • Enable distributed workflows and real-time collaboration between media production functions to get more done
  • Connect with MediaCentral, an open, agile, extensible platform that adapts to your team's needs today and transforms to meet your needs tomorrow by enabling you to embrace new ways of working, connecting, and collaborating in your ever-changing business environment
  • Extend your available talent and resources by enabling field-based collaborators

Administrative benefits

  • Enjoy simple deployment and low cost of ownership with a lightweight application that consolidates all software installation, licensing, administration, and upgrades into one or more servers that handle multiple simultaneous client connections
  • Choose your preferred platform with Mac and Windows support
  • Work with iNEWS content, Interplay media, or both simultaneously
  • Get real-time proxy generation for streaming video access—low res clips are loaded on the fly
  • Enable distributed workflows