Avid Motion Graphics Engine

Avid Motion Graphics Engine

Avid Motion Graphics (AMG) Engine is a standalone graphics playout solution for broadcast and live event environments. It gives you the flexibility to configure a distributed system architecture, separating graphics creation from playout, and to increase your playout channels with both single-channel and dual-channel configurations. Built on a revolutionary rendering engine, this graphics playout solution lets you choose the system configuration that best suits your needs.

Expand your playout capability

Increase your graphics playout capability by deploying a distributed system architecture. AMG Engine can play graphics created on all AMG products, enabling you to cost-effectively add more channels. Plus, by separating your graphics creation from graphics playout, you gain more control over each aspect of your on-air graphics workflow.

Scale your system

Build your system with components options that make it easy to scale to any size on-air graphics operation. All AMG hardware-based systems are available in single-channel or dual-channel configurations.

Deliver fast to air

Ideal for automated environments, AMG Engine enables you to get high-quality content quickly and easily to air. Simplify your graphics production workflow by integrating Avid and other industry-standard tools.