Avid Motion Graphics Engine

Note - Thank you for your interest in the Avid Motion Graphics™ product line. As of July 23, 2014, AMG solutions are no longer available for purchase. However, please be assured that we will continue to provide technical support and hardware coverage for all AMG solutions through July 22, 2019, for customers with a valid Avid Advantage support plan.

Avid Motion Graphics Engine

Avid Motion Graphics (AMG) Engine is a standalone graphics playout solution for broadcast and live event environments. It gives you the flexibility to configure a distributed system architecture, separating graphics creation from playout, and to increase your playout channels with both single-channel and dual-channel configurations. Built on a revolutionary rendering engine, this graphics playout solution lets you choose the system configuration that best suits your needs.

Expand your playout capability

Increase your graphics playout capability by deploying a distributed system architecture. AMG Engine can play graphics created on all AMG products, enabling you to cost-effectively add more channels. Plus, by separating your graphics creation from graphics playout, you gain more control over each aspect of your on-air graphics workflow.

Scale your system

Build your system with components options that make it easy to scale to any size on-air graphics operation. All AMG hardware-based systems are available in single-channel or dual-channel configurations.

Deliver fast to air

Ideal for automated environments, AMG Engine enables you to get high-quality content quickly and easily to air. Simplify your graphics production workflow by integrating Avid and other industry-standard tools.