Avid Motion Graphics News

Note - Thank you for your interest in the Avid Motion Graphics™ product line. As of July 23, 2014, AMG solutions are no longer available for purchase. However, please be assured that we will continue to provide technical support and hardware coverage for all AMG solutions through July 22, 2019, for customers with a valid Avid Advantage support plan.

Avid Motion Graphics News

Avid Motion Graphics (AMG) News is a graphics integration solution for broadcast news producers that enables you to build standout brands by getting stunning imagery quickly and easily to air. It lets journalists incorporate dazzling imagery created by graphics designers into their storytelling, leveraging agile integrations with news and automation workflows. AMG News includes two separate products: AMG Journalist and AMG News Control, which can be purchased separately.

Empower journalists

With AMG Journalist, journalists and producers can easily select graphics to include and fulfill in news stories via templates. This MOS plug-in opens directly within Avid iNEWS or ENPS newsroom management systems, making it simple to leverage the talent of your graphics designers in your news workflow.

Gain maximum flexibility

Graphics designers can control the exposure of functionality to journalists, letting them fulfill graphics data and adjust the templates as appropriate.

Adjust graphics on-the-fly

AMG News Control links directly to your iNEWS or ENPS rundown to control graphics playout. You can control any graphics parameter up to air-time, ideal for on-the-fly adjustments. Playout can be fully or semi-automated with this dedicated newsroom graphics control interface.

Automate your way

Avid Motion Graphics is designed to work with existing systems currently in use by many news broadcasters. iNEWS Command can trigger AMG news graphics playout during a newscast, linked to the iNEWS or ENPS rundown or as a standalone playlist. AMG News Control interfaces with production automation systems such as Ross Overdrive and Grass Valley Ignite.