With the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option, you can forget about spending hours searching through and playing hundreds of clips to find what you’re looking for. Simply install the plug-in, and the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option goes to work in the background, analyzing all clips in your project and phonetically indexing all dialog automatically.

  • Save tons of search time with superfast indexing—the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option does the “listening” for you, so you can focus on your story
  • Get fast results, as the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option locates all clips based on your search criteria using robust dialog indexing powered by Nexidia
  • With direct integration in your Media Composer | Software Find tool, you can immediately start editing clips right from within your search results—no need to export or import clips, or find the right bin or media
  • Find the right clips right away—all search results are automatically ranked for accuracy and appear in a virtual bin inside your editing app
  • Use the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option with other search criteria in the Find tool to get extremely accurate search results
  • Search for project material across local and shared storage, and save any search
  • Limit your search to only display clips from a given tape name, video resolution, or any other bin column metadata you want
  • Get unprecedented accuracy in speech recognition
  • Works with Media Composer systems—on Mac or Windows
  • Comes with one language pack (for example, North American English); additional language packs are available on the Avid store to meet your needs