Key benefits

  • Harness the power of your desktop or laptop computer with your choice of Thunderbolt interface or PCIe card
  • Attain the lowest latency and highest performance of any native digital audio workstation
  • Capture and play back audio with pristine clarity using a Pro Tools | HD Series interface
  • Work with industry-standard Pro Tools | HD software in a lower-cost solution for projects that don’t require the DSP acceleration of Pro Tools | HDX
  • Create bigger sessions with up to 256 audio tracks and up to 64 channels of I/O
  • Get the ideal tracking experience and set-and-forget direct monitoring with an integrated low-latency monitor mode
  • Boost your capabilities with advanced automation, surround mixing, input monitoring, AFL/PFL solo, destructive punch, and other professional features
  • Conveniently monitor every detail with the audiophile-grade headphone out, which provides enough gain to drive high impedance headphones (Thunderbolt interface only)
  • Get better sounding mixes with AAX Native plug-ins, plus Automatic Delay Compensation on hardware and software inserts
  • Share sessions with Pro Tools | HDX and other Pro Tools | HD users without any loss of data
  • Synchronize to timecode and video reference, with frame-edge accuracy, when using Pro Tools | SYNC HD (sold separately)
  • Take hands-on control over your mixes using Artist Series or Avid Pro Mixing consoles and control surfaces
  • Get total flexibility—work with Mac or Windows, Pro Tools | HD Software or third-party software, and more


Experience high performance and reliability

Whether you’re tracking multiple inputs or mixing hundreds of tracks, Pro Tools | HD Native tightly integrates with your computer’s CPU to keep up with your project’s highest demands—without compromise. Choose the HD Native card if you have a PCIe-equipped Mac or PC, or the HD Native Thunderbolt interface, which features a powerful audiophile-grade headphone output for easy monitoring, for Thunderbolt-equipped desktop and laptop computers.

Capture and play back with the highest quality conversion

Get pristine audio fidelity and clarity when you record and play back through a Pro Tools | HD Series interface. These critically-acclaimed interfaces offer state-of-the-art A/D and D/A conversion, premium analog circuitry, high-quality/low-noise I/O, and meticulous designs to capture and reproduce the full, natural sound of your original source, so you hear all of the character and nuances that make it unique.

Get higher resolution sound and mix with more headroom

With Pro Tools | HD Native, you can create great sounding, studio-quality productions at up to 32-bit, 192 kHz audio resolution. And with 64-bit floating-point processing, you gain more headroom for your mix, enabling you to flex your creativity and maintain audio clarity—without fear of overloading the mix bus. So go ahead and pile on the plug-ins to get the sound you really want.

Hear what you’ve been missing—without distracting latency

What happens when you combine best-in-class audio conversion with a high-speed Thunderbolt or PCIe throughput? You get a high-performance system that can handle whatever you throw at it, and the lowest possible latency for your sessions. That means you can monitor your performance in sync with the playback for easier, worry-free recording.

Everything you need for professional music and audio production

With Pro Tools | HD Software included, you can compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix music and sound for picture with great speed and ease. Create complex compositions with the integrated Score Editor and MIDI production tools. Track sessions with extremely low latency. And gain inspiration and professional polish from over 75 included effects and virtual instruments.

Expand your capabilities

With Pro Tools | HD Native, you gain the flexibility to customize your system for your needs now and in the future. Mix and match HD Series interfaces to work with up to 64 channels of I/O. Add sync capabilities for working with video. Take hands-on control of your mix with an Avid Pro Mixing console or control surface. And expand your sonic palette with a wide range of AAX* plug-ins and software options available from Avid and other third-party audio developers.

Open up your workflow

Use the included Pro Tools | HD software and you’ll maximize your productivity, efficiency, and creative potential, as well as gain unparalleled performance and control of Avid audio and video interfaces, control surfaces, and live sound systems. But you can also use your Pro Tools | HD Native hardware with other Core Audio- and ASIO-compatible DAW software such as Logic, Nuendo, Live, Cubase, Reason, and Fruity Loops—with support for 64 channels of I/O—opening up even more creative avenues.

* Please note that AAX DSP and TDM plug-ins are not compatible with Pro Tools | HD Native systems.

Compare Pro Tools | HD family


Pro Tools | HDX

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Pro Tools | HD Native

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Pro Tools | HD Accel

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Simultaneous Voices 256 (up to 768 total) 256 96 (up to 192 total)
Audio tracks* 256/128/64 (up to 768 total) 256/128/64 96/48/18 (up to 512 total)
Latency** 0.7 ms 1.7 ms 0.96 ms
Instrument tracks 256 256 128
MIDI tracks 512 512 512
Aux tracks 512 512 160
Busses 256 256 256
Channels of I/O 64 (up to 256 total) 64 32 (up to 160 total)
Automatic Delay
Compensation (ADC)
16,383 samples 16,383 samples 4,096 samples
Processing depth 32-bit floating point 32-bit floating point 24-bit fixed
Mixer depth 64-bit floating point 64-bit floating point 48-bit fixed
DSP power 18 x 350 MHz processors (T1) n/a (CPU host) 9 x 200 MHz processors (56k)

* Audio tracks based on sample rates of 48/96/192 kHz, respectively. Installing additional cards will increase track counts to the maximum allowable.

** Latency calculated using a 96 kHz sample rate with a 64-sample buffer. Tests run using Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native with Pro Tools | HD I/O, and Pro Tools|HD Accel with 192 I/O.