What is Pro Tools | HD Native?

Pro Tools | HD Native is a new generation of Pro Tools | HD system that enables you to compose, record, edit, and mix music and/or sound for picture—with great speed and ease. Consisting of an HD Native Thunderbolt interface or PCIe core card, Pro Tools HD | Software, and Pro Tools | HD Series interface, Pro Tools | HD Native harnesses the power of your Mac or PC to deliver pristine sound, incredible performance, and the lowest latency of any host-based DAW.

Core system

A complete Pro Tools | HD Native system is comprised of the following:

Choice of HD Native Thunderbolt interface or PCIe card

Unlike USB- or FireWire-based DAWs, which are inherently prone to latency, Pro Tools | HD Native employs either a high-speed Thunderbolt interface or PCIe core card to connect Pro Tools HD | Series interfaces with your laptop or desktop computer. By eliminating distracting monitor latency while recording, increasing your I/O capabilities, and providing 64-bit floating-point processing for more headroom and a higher mix resolution, you get a professional native solution that meets the highest audio standards.

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Pro Tools | HD Software

Award-winning Pro Tools | Software has been the industry-standard digital audio production platform for years. The software tightly integrates your HD Native hardware and computer together as one, delivering exceptional performance and reliability—even with large mixes. And it comes with all the tools, advanced workflows, virtual instruments, and plug-ins you need to compose, record, edit, and mix music and/or sound for picture.

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One or more Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces

Capture and play back audio in stunning clarity and easily work with a wide range of analog and digital gear. Whether you want to streamline your setup with an all-in-one interface, provide mic or MADI connectivity, or need a tightly integrated, flexible system that can handle complex productions with up to 64 channels of I/O, there’s a Pro Tools | HD Series interface that’s right for you—choose one or more to complete your system and customize it for your needs.

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Create large sessions, with up to
256 audio tracks

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