Profile Console Features

VENUE Profile

The Profile console is a compact, space-conscious alternative to the flagship D-Show console. Like D-Show, it offers complete ease of set-up and use but in an extremely compact form factor, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium, with little sacrifice to tactile control. Profile works in conjunction with VENUE software (the common software platform on all Avid live sound systems), offering a general purpose interface (GPI), which allows the console to interact with external equipment and commands, and is fully compatible with FOH Rack, Stage Rack, and Mix Rack components.

  • Small footprint: 45.3” x 31.1” x 6.65” (1150 x 790 x 169 mm)
  • Provides 24 input faders in a single, compact console
  • Fully compatible with Mix Rack, FOH Rack, and Stage Rack
  • Employs the same VENUE software as all Avid live systems for complete show file portability between systems (running VENUE 2.5 or higher software)
  • Eight output faders, plus eight rotary output encoders, provide control of all group masters and/or plug-ins
  • Dedicated dynamics and EQ encoders offer control of both onboard dynamics and EQs as well as plug-ins
  • Features eight fully assignable function buttons for flexible control
  • Eight GPI inputs and eight GPI outputs allow Profile to send or respond to simple switch closures

Compact Form Factor

The console's compact footprint allows Profile to fit into venues where space is a challenge without compromising the power, sound quality, and flexibility for which Avid live sound systems have has become known. And if you’re a current D-Show System user, Profile provides a compact mixing alternative that works with your existing system, allowing you to scale your console to any application.

One Software Platform—Total File Portability

All Avid live sound systems operate under one common platform—VENUE software, the industry’s easiest yet most comprehensive control software. VENUE software sets new standards in operational efficiency and workflow, giving youe  instant access to and full control over any function of the system. Just a simple button push on the console or click from the screen gives you access to inputs, outputs, show files, snapshots, patchbays, plug-ins, and more. And because all Avid live sound systems share this same software platform, you can create and load show files for use on any Avid live system; no need to learn new software or build new show files if you switch consoles or re-scale your system.

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Full Hardware Compatibility

Profile is fully compatible with FOH Rack, Stage Rack, and Mix Rack, allowing you to scale your system and interchange components as needed with ease. Sound reinforcement rental companies needn’t fear product obsolescence as demand grows; simply add or swap out components or easily scale the mixing surface to meet client needs without changing existing workflows.

Unique Features

Profile offers expanded show control options with its General Purpose Interface (GPI). Through eight GPI inputs and eight outputs, Profile can send or respond to external equipment via simple switch closures. Used in conjunction with the Event List feature in VENUE 2.5 and higher software, you can build and customize extensive macros that enable the console to perform multiple functions with a single button push, footswitch press, or fader movement.

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