ReVibe is a powerful room-modeling plug-in designed to take advantage of the supercharged DSP processing capabilities of Pro Tools|HDX, Pro Tools|HD Accel, and VENUE systems with its AAX DSP and TDM formats, but can also be used natively on other Pro Tools systems with AAX Native. Optimized for sessions up to 192 kHz (AAX only), ReVibe provides nine reverb algorithms combined with over 200 room reflection/coloration models to deliver pristine, high-quality sound. With its intuitive user interface and detailed controls, ReVibe handles nearly any reverberation task with ease.

The plug-in supports up to 5.1 multichannel mixes, and includes independent reverb, early reflection, and level controls for the rear channels. You can also use the rear-channel reverb controls in mono or stereo instances, enabling you to add more presence and density to the reverb character.

ReVibe is ideal for adding an accurate representation of a room’s sound or ambience to your mix. The plug-in offers highly detailed models of a number of real spaces—as well as springs and plates—making it a perfect complement to the classic digital reverb sound of Reverb One.


  • Add ambience to your mix with accurate, professional room models
  • Customize the sound with a choice of nine different reverb algorithms
  • Fine-tune the room with multichannel reverb controls
  • View EQ, Decay Color, Early Reflections, and Reverb Shape through interactive displays
  • Gain infinite possibilities with the extensive set of Early Reflections and Room Types
  • Work on 5.1 multichannel format sessions—at up to 192 kHz
  • Compatible with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools, and VENUE family systems

With its innovative room modeling algorithms, ReVibe enables you to combine different room reflections and coloration to get the room and ambience you want—in the absolute highest quality. And its interactive displays make it even easier to visualize and edit reverb characteristics.

ReVibe reflects an entirely new approach to reverb, adding a new range of possibilities that extend beyond any existing reverb technology, so you can easily dial in the reverberant space you’re seeking. Employing an innovative approach to room coloration, ReVibe enables you to add room characteristics—accurate representations of a room’s “sound” or “ambience”—to a reverb, along with an early reflection. You can then adjust the early reflections and room coloration using a single control called Room Type.

ReVibe works on mono, stereo, and surround mixes, with an extensive set of room-modeling controls that enable you to tailor the effect across the entire sound field. While it’s highly optimized for multichannel processing, it functions just as well in mono and stereo applications—particularly in music production. And because all of the multichannel controls are available in mono and stereo instances too, you can easily add more density and presence to the reverb.

ReVibe can natively process up to 192 kHz sessions with the AAX Native plug-in, or up to 96 kHz sessions natively with the TDM plug-in, without the need for sample rate conversion. For the highest performance, ReVibe is optimized for 192 kHz mixing on Pro Tools|HDX systems (or up to 96 kHz on Pro Tools|HD Accel systems), engineered to take full advantage of the increased power and memory of the DSP chips in these system cards.

System requirements

  • Qualified Avid audio system:
    • Pro Tools|HDX running Pro Tools 10.2 or higher software (AAX DSP/Native)
    • Pro Tools|HD Native or other Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 10.2 or higher software (AAX Native)
    • Pro Tools|HD Accel (TDM)
    • VENUE system (TDM VENUE)
  • iLok USB Smart Key (for authorization; not included)


OSAAX DSP (32-and 64-bit)AAX Native (32-and 64-bit)TDM HD AccelTDM HDVENUE AAXTDM VENUERTASAudioSuite*
Mac OS X      
Windows 7 and 8    
Windows XP           

Maximum Supported Sample Rate: 192 kHz
* AudioSuite compatibility only available when using Pro Tools|HDX, Pro Tools|HD Native or other Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 10 or higher software

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