Innovation Takes Center Stage  

S3L System

Get the VENUE performance, sound quality, and features that countless live sound professionals have come to rely on in a first-of-its-kind system that’s built for the future. The head-turning, ultra-portable S3L System not only enables you to mix live show performances, you can set up a mobile recording/mixing studio anywhere you go using just the S3 surface and your laptop.

Comprised of a high-performance, HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins, scalable remote I/O, and a slimline EUCON-enabled control surface—all networked together over Ethernet AVB—S3L delivers unprecedented versatility, with award-winning VENUE and Pro Tools software at its heart. Achieving exceptional sound everywhere has never been easier.

Key benefits

  • Experience uncompromising performance with HDX-powered processing
  • Get infinite sonic possiblities with integrated 64-bit Pro Tools AAX plug-ins*
  • Configure the modular system with up to 64 mic pres
  • Share I/O across two or more systems, with auto gain tracking*
  • Get reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity, without the cable bulk
  • Record directly to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through your laptop’s Ethernet port
  • Control Pro Tools and other DAWs using the S3 as a control surface and audio interface*
  • Fit the system anywhere and transport with ease—perfect for fly gigs and bus tours
  • Get the celebrated hallmarks of Avid live sound systems
  • Take your VENUE show files with you on a USB key for use on any Avid live system

* Please note that I/O sharing, auto gain tracking, 64-bit AAX plug-in support, EUCON DAW control, and other features are coming to S3L with VENUE 4.5 and EuControl 3.2—sign up to be notified when these software updates are available.