Frame sizes (H x D x W):

38.5 x 40.2 inches (97.8 x 102.1 cm) in 5-foot (152.4 cm), 7-foot (213.4 cm), and 9-foot (274.3 cm) frames

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What's included

S5 Fusion control surface:

  • Master Module (CM401)
  • From one to seven 8-fader Channel Strip Modules (CM408)
  • Choice of module options—Center Section (CM402), Blank Module (CM409), Film Monitoring Panel (CM403), Video display with joystick and PEC/Dir option (CM411), Producers Panel (CM424)
  • Choice of frame size, up to 9 feet (frame style: lightweight)

Available mixer models:

  • Audio Post Mixer—one card (54 channels, 20 mix busses, 8 group busses, # Aux busses) up to two cards (up to 128 channels, 48 mix busses, 24 group busses, 24 Aux busses)
  • Music Mixer—one card (54 channels, 12 mix busses, 16 group busses, # Aux busses) up to two cards (up to 116 channels, 12 mix busses, 24 group busses, 16 Aux busses)

SC264 Studio Computer:

  • One or two DSP SP663 cards
  • eMix file management and PatchNet software
  • Full mix automation software
  • EUCON DAW control software (control up to five DAWs)
  • RS422 and MMC machine control

I/O and monitoring:

  • 4–8 MADI ins and 4–8 MADI outs (maximum 512 x 512 channels @ 48 kHz); 1 MADI out used by MA703 for monitoring
  • MA703 MADI to analog converter for analog monitor outputs
  • MC524 Monitor Controller Interface