With the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, you can forget about manually searching through hundreds of takes to find the best one. Simply save any script or transcript as a text (.txt) file, and the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option goes to work phonetically indexing all text and dialog and then syncing source clips with your script. You can also search for clips based on a word or phrase, making dialog editing easier.

  • Accelerate your editing, as the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option automatically syncs relevant clips to your script through highly accurate dialog indexing, powered by Nexidia
  • Search for project material across local and shared storage
  • Gain access to all dailies associated with a program, regardless of where clips exist
  • Locate footage easily based on a scene number, page number, word, or phrase
  • Quickly compare multiple performances of a given line to find that "perfect" take
  • Easily edit dialog together from different sources
  • Create a “radio cut” from a transcript as easy as copy and paste
  • Get unprecedented accuracy in speech recognition
  • Use indexed scripts on legacy Avid editing systems
  • Works with Media Composer | Software systems—on Mac or Windows
  • Supports North American English, UK English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian