Snake Card


VENUE Snake CardAccommodate larger productions and ensembles by doubling your D-Show or Profile System's stage input and output capacity. With the Snake Card, an option for the FOH Rack, you can connect a second Stage Rack to expand the system’s remote I/O capacity to a maximum 96 inputs and outputs (FOH Rack comes with one Snake Card installed for one Stage Rack connection). Featuring BNC-style 75 Ohm connections (with optional redundant snake capability for backup connection), the Snake Card transmits up to 48 inputs and outputs between your system’s remote Stage Rack and console.


  • Provides two sets of BNC snake inputs and outputs (Snake 1 and Snake 2) for primary and optional redundant connections (cables sold separately)
  • Active and signal presence LEDs for both I/O sets provide signal verification
  • Word Clock In and Out connectors for synchronizing external digital devices


Connector (x4)

BNC male, 75 Ohm

Snake Cable Type

Coaxial, 75 Ohm

Maximum Cable Length

Max Length 250 ft (76 m)

  • Belden 1855A — single conductor
  • Belden 7787A — three conductor
  • Belden 7788A — four conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7523 — single conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable DSM3 — three conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable DSM5 — five conductor

Max Length 500 ft (152 m)

  • Belden 1694A — single conductor
  • Belden 7710A — three conductor
  • Belden 7711A — four conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7506 — single conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7506D — two conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable RG6HD5 — five conductor
  • Evolution XPC 301-330 — single conductor
  • Evolution XPC 301-361 — six conductor
  • Gepco VSD2001 — single conductor
  • Gepco VS32001 — three conductor
  • Gepco VS42001 — four conductor
  • Gepco VS52001 — five conductor
  • Van Damme Cable (VDC) 278-175-00 — single conductor