Strike Content Expansion


Strike Content ExpansionStrike Content Expansion is a software add-on for the immensely popular Strike virtual drummer plug-in that expands the instrument’s capacity to cover a broad range of musical styles. Strike Content Expansion adds over 300 MB of classic drum machine samples to Strike, and includes 100 new “Style” settings, expanding the instrument’s functionality to encompass a broader range of drum sounds and rhythm styles that complement a wider range of musical genres.


  • Adds over 300 MB of high-resolution, classic drum machine samples to Strike
  • Includes 100 new “Style” settings programmed by artists representing a wide variety of musical styles

Note: If you purchase Strike on its own or as part of Virtual Instrument Box Set on January 17, 2008 or later, you are automatically eligible to receive the Strike Content Expansion as a free download when you authorize your Strike plug-in.


Strike Content Expansion allows Strike to generate an even greater variety of drumbeats and sounds to complement just about every musical style. It adds over 300 MB of high-resolution, classic drum machine samples to Strike, making full use of the instrument’s unique control parameters such as Complexity, Intensity, and microphone placement options. The 100 new “Style” settings were all expertly programmed by artists representing a wide variety of musical genres, making it easy to customize your virtual drummer to play anything from rock, pop, and soul to Latin, reggae, jazz, funk, and electronica.

High-Quality Drum Machine Samples
Strike Content Expansion adds 300 MB of classic drum machine samples to Strike, allowing you to generate drum patterns with a retro 80s or early techno 90s vibe. This collection of sounds was sampled from two legendary drum machines at high resolution for the ultimate in sound quality. And like the kits that come with Strike, all of the samples take full advantage of the unique parameters in Strike, enabling you to fully control the complexity and intensity of any drum performance as well as the drum mic placement.

Style Settings

Strike Content Expansion adds the following new musical styles to Strike:

  • 12-8 Rock
  • Ac Woods
  • Acoustic Folk
  • Adult Rock
  • Afro Beat
  • Alt Rock
  • Alternative
  • Art Rock
  • Beguine
  • Blues Pop
  • Blues Shuffle
  • Bolero
  • Bossa Nova
  • Bounce Rock
  • Bounce
  • Cajun Blues
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Clean Funk
  • Country Train
  • Dirty Funk
  • Distortion Punk
  • Doowop
  • Double Timer
  • Dry Rock
  • Dull Beat
  • Easy Swing
  • E-Delay Dancer
  • E-Dubstep
  • E-El Ballad
  • E-Electric Echo
  • E-Electro
  • E-Electronica
  • E-Hard House
  • E-Hip Hop1
  • E-Hip Hop2
  • E-Hybrid Beat
  • E-Hybrid House
  • E-Latin Pop
  • E-Minimal
  • E-Mississippi
  • E-Mixed Ballad
  • E-Mod Mambo
  • E-Modern Rock
  • E-Pop Shuffle
  • E-Ragga
  • E-Rap
  • E-RnB25
  • E-RnB3
  • E-RnB4
  • E-RnB5
  • E-Slip Hop
  • E-Super Swing
  • E-Synth Pop1
  • E-Synth Pop2
  • E-TechHouse
  • Ethno Beat
  • Euro Punk
  • E-Weird
  • E-World Pop
  • Female Ballad
  • Folk
  • Funk Ballad
  • Gospel
  • Half Dble Time
  • Happy Beat
  • Heavy Shuffle
  • Indie Beat
  • Jazz Pop Ballad
  • Lite Country
  • Lite Shuffle
  • London Soul
  • Mambo
  • Metal1
  • Metal2
  • Metal3
  • Modern Rock1
  • Modern Rock2
  • Modern Rock3
  • Modern Rock4
  • Modern Rock5
  • Modern Rock6
  • Pop Bossa
  • Pop Rock
  • Pop Samba
  • Power Ballad
  • Psy Rock
  • Punk
  • Reggae2
  • Reggae3
  • RnB6
  • RnB7
  • Shuffle 4 Floor0
  • Shuffle
  • Soul Ballad
  • Straight Funk
  • Straight Reggae
  • Tango
  • Triple Rock
  • Triplet Ballad
  • White Soul
  • System Requirements

    • Avid-qualified Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, or Pro Tools M-Powered™ system running Pro Tools 7.0 or higher software
    • Strike 1.0.1
    • iLok USB Smart Key (a free iLok.com account and Internet access is required for retrieving and managing iLok licenses)


    Macintosh OS X          
    Windows Vista          
    Windows XP