Go bigger and faster than ever

VENUE 3 Software

When it comes to mixing live sound, having the tools you need to present the highest quality audio possible—quickly, easily, and reliably—is of the utmost importance. Award-winning VENUE software enables you to speed up all aspects of live mixing and recording—no matter which VENUE system you use. That's because easy-to-use VENUE is the common software platform across all Avid live sound systems, making mixing the creative and rewarding experience it was meant to be.

And because all VENUE systems run on VENUE software (though some feature a version that accommodates system-specific features), you can create a show file on one VENUE system and open it on any other VENUE system, making it easy to adapt to any system and work with artists across the widest range of environments and live sound applications—big and small.

For system-specific details, visit any VENUE system product page to learn more.

And now we're introducing VENUE 4.5, included with S3L-X Systems and available to all S3L owners .