VideoRAID ST and SR are no longer available for purchase; however these Avid storage solutions continue to be supported.

New Avid certified local storage solutions for your Avid system can be found  here.


Ultra-high performance disk arrays

Introducing Avid VideoRAID ST and SR disk arrays: Avid's next generation SATA- based direct attached storage solutions.  Avid VideoRAID ST and SR offer maximum flexibility, performance and value in today's demanding HD environments.  Available in either a 5 drive mini-tower (ST), as well as a 16 drive 3U rackmount chassis (SR), Avid has a configuration option to meet your needs.

Latest technology SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interconnect provides simple plug and play setup, while parity RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) prevents losing media because of a failed drive.  Raw capacities range from 2.5TB to 16TB per editing system.

Avid VideoRAID ST and SR have enough bandwidth to provide real-time playback of uncompressed HD media, even during drive failure rebuild mode, making these ultra-high performance arrays a perfect match for Avid's latest generation of editing applications.

VideoRAID ST and SR keep you working and your project on track - no more downtime, no more excuses.