BXF Gateway


Providing a standardized means of data exchange with various 3rd party Traffic, Program Management and Digital Content Distribution Systems. Many of these networked systems do not communicate interactively with each other, nor do they properly share metadata.

Key Features

Standards-Based System
Breaking through a host of proprietary interface constraints, BXF, the Broadcast eXchange Format is an XML based and extensible communications standard. Developed under the auspices of the SMPTE S-22 standards committee, this system is multi-vendor created and supported.

Centralized Connections
Connecting all participating systems to Avid FastBreak, the BXF Gateway is a computer configured with dual IP interfaces. One interface connects to the internal operations LAN where the automation system, delivery systems and video server reside; while the other connects to the house WAN, where the traffic and program management systems live. Serving as the secure point of contact between these two groups, the Gateway can be connected externally through Web Services or Secure FTP.

Efficiently executing most data communication tasks currently handled manually, the BXF Gateway enables such common communications as Ingest orders, As-Run reporting, traffic schedule processing and remote playlist modification.

More Resources

BXF Gateway Screen Captures and System Diagram

BXF CommunicatorBXF Communicator BXF Gateway Diagram
BXF GatewayBXF Gateway