Top features

  • Flexible device integration

    Flexible device integration

    iNEWS | Command is qualified to control a wide variety of video and graphics devices.

  • Flexible system integration

    Flexible system integration

    Supports interactive news management systems as well as standalone playlists for linear playout. Shotboxes are utilized for non-linear and breaking news playout.

  • Powerful playout capabilities

    Powerful playout capabilities

    iNEWS | Command provides accurate tracking of playlists with autocue and autocurser, just two of the many playout capabilities supported.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    Browse, search, and rename assets on any device from any workstation with a powerful inventory panel.

  • Thumbnails


    View thumbnails of videos and graphics on supported devices in the iNEWS | Command playlist, shotbox, and media viewer.

Additional features

Expanded graphics playout functionality

Open platform for third-party graphics devices, allowing flexible workflow configurations.

Customizable user interface

Extreme UI flexibility, including customizable transport control colors, docking panels, and customizable clocks.

Media viewer

Scrub video, trim, edit, and create sub clips. Lets graphics users edit fulfillment data, set In/Out points for automated video triggering, and instantly see an updated thumbnail.

Flexible device triggering

Multiple qualified platforms triggering playout of upcoming assets, such as keyboard, Xkeys device, GPI, touchscreen monitor, and tablet.

Touchscreen monitor support

Enhanced usability for touchscreen monitors with improved workstation playout panel showing channel, thumbnails, clocks and transport controls.


Eliminating a single point of failure within the system, iNEWS | Command server features redundancy and mirrored or hot swap channel playout.

Metadata support

Supports metadata such as slugs and thumbnails for Avid Interplay and non-Avid asset management systems.