The audio, video, and script-editing tool for journalists

iNEWS Instinct is a visual storytelling tool that combines the newsroom, the script, and the video assets in a script-based format so familiar to journalists that they'll instinctively know how to use it as soon as they sit down in front of it. The only desktop tool devoted to addressing the expanding role of journalists in the newsroom- and the quality of their stories - iNEWS Instinct increases speed, control, and creativity of the development of VOs and VOSOTs and accelerates newscast production right from the journalist's desktop.

Key Benefits

Unprecedented collaboration
iNEWS Instinct bridges the worlds between text and video, and between the video production workflow and the newsroom workflow, for the tightest newscast collaboration possible.

Editorial control
iNEWS Instinct lets journalists tell the story from their desktops. With a simplified, script-based video UI, control of text, images and timing, and the ability to play cuts-only VOs and VOSOTs directly to air (or create rough sequences for craft editors to finish at their production workstations), iNEWS Instinct fits the changing role of journalists and increases the quality of their product.

Streamlines the production of the newscast
iNEWS Instinct provides non-editors with a familiar, easy, flexible and accurate way to contribute to the newscast on simpler pieces. With VOs and VO-SOTs comprising the majority of a newscast, journalists can tell the story simply and quickly, while skilled craft editors can focus on finishing and creatively enhancing on-air quality.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.