Vertical Storyline Vertical timeline that uses text as a means of sequence building Proven ease of use for creating video to the script
Dynamic Visual Timing Displays text time and total (actual time) of edited sequence, and the delta between them Accuracy of text to video and video to text-whichever the journalists feels tells the best story-and awareness: user always knows if story is running short or long
L-cuts User can simply drag the end of an edit to lengthen or shorten the duration of the video edit, while audio in-point on the next edit persists Adds visual interest in simple sequences; creates more-professional finished look
Sophisticated Audio Adjustments Any audio track from the source clip can be used in sequence, and audio levels of individual clips can be modified Easy access to desired audio
iNEWS Metadata Extraction Storyline creates a sequence auto-populated from the iNEWS script Accuracy, consistency: Duration and Video ID are extracted to create the sequence
Send to Playback When the story is complete the user can make it available for air Rapid turnaround on breaking news
NewsCutter System Integration Projects saved in iNEWS Instinct can be opened in NewsCutter and completed with high-end transitions, effects, titles, and graphics Seamless collaboration between journalists and craft editors to finish and enhance sequences
Thumbnail (Key Frame) Viewer Users can view a 2-d grid of thumbnail images of the source clip which are created every 10 seconds and for locators on the clip Journalists can get an instant feel for the content of a clip, helping them navigate quickly to areas of interest
Editable Property Value Lists Administrators can create a drop down menu (either flat or hierarchal) of specific values for custom properties using an imported XML list Searching for a clip will not deliver results if the original metadata was misspelled. By providing the ability to only offer specific values for data entry, media can be found more swiftly and accurately
Extensive Video Format Support Update the Function to this: Supports full range of formats and resolutions supported by Avid craft editors, including XDCAM HD 50 and AVCIntra 100 MB HD, and MPEG4 proxies Lower-bandwidth requirements for clients; increased collaboration opportunities
Mix and Match Editing Multiple resolutions and frame rates can be used in the same sequence Saves time and simplifies user experience by eliminating need to transcode media