Integration Partners

iNEWS integrates seamlessly with an array of broadcast devices, interfacing through advanced iNEWS Web Services or by communicating through the MOS (Media Object Server) protocol. Any system or device linked to the news production workflowfrom video servers and editors to on-air graphics systems, teleprompters, and archive serverscan work with iNEWS.

iNEWS Web Services provides a rich and intelligent interface for text, media, metadata, and control information exchange between integration partners and the iNEWS newsroom management system, offering greater interoperability and choice.

Key functions include:

  • Folder navigation and listing
  • Queue navigation and listing
  • Story creation, editing, and deletion
  • Messaging
  • Searching
  • Monitoring queues for changes

iNEWS Web Services Integration Partners:

  • 3T Technology Company
  • Anvato, Inc.
  • AWT Systems Limited
  • Back Channel Media, Inc.
  • Bannister Lake
  • Brainstorm
  • Cell Journalist Inc.
  • China Digital Video
  • Chyron
  • ComCon Services
  • EVS Broadcast Equipment
  • FCL
  • High Resolution Systems LLC.
  • HMedia
  • Ikan International Corp.
  • iMedia
  • InterTech Media
  • Miranda Technologies Inc.
  • Mobile Imagination
  • Mosart Media Labs
  • MTD Systems
  • Netia
  • Newauto Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  • News Software Solutions LTD
  • Omneon Video Networks
  • ProConsultant Informatique
  • Ross Video Limited
  • RS2i
  • ScheduALL
  • Social News Desk
  • Streamworks Interactive
  • Telescript West
  • VGCC
  • Vizrt
  • Weather Central
  • WorldNow

Integration via MOS protocol

MOS Protocol is widely used to enable communication between newsroom systems and controlled broadcast devices such as media servers. Typically, this is a two-way communication. The newsroom system maintains a current running order on controlled devices, while the devices return media item status. iNEWS supports MOS through a dedicated Gateway and also supports the use of ActiveX controls, which are typically used to provide close integration with controlled devices.

Supported MOS Devices

  • AutoScript WinPlus
  • Avid Motion Graphics
  • Beehive WASP3D
  • Brainstorm BrainNews
  • Chyron Aprisa (Aprisa 100, 250, and SSX)
  • Chyron Duet LEX
  • Grass Valley Aurora Playout / NewsQ Pro
  • Grass Valley Ignite
  • Inscriber Inca AutoCG
  • Leitch VR300, VR400 and NEXIO Server Systems
  • Netia Radio-Assist
  • Omnibus Columbus
  • Omnibus News Control
  • Orad Cybergraphics
  • Pebble Beach Systems Neptune
  • Pinnacle Lightning
  • Portaprompt WinDigi
  • Proximity Xenostore (with Avid Motion Graphics)
  • Autocue/QTV QMaster
  • Ross Overdrive
  • Sony ELC
  • Sony NewsBase
  • Sony Sonaps
  • VertigoXmedia
  • VizRT Pilot

  Note: Partner integrations are subject to change without notice

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