Easily manage real-time recording of satellite and other incoming feeds with Intelli-Sat™. Users from around the facility can order and monitors feeds with distributed control, either tightly integrated with an Avid FastBreak automation system or operated as a stand-alone system. Intelli-Sat is available in several control configurations.

Key Features

Distributed Control
Featuring a distributed control architecture, Intelli-Sat consists of two separate applications: the Schedule Manager and the Record Manager. The Schedule Manager application handles requests for feed recordings. Programming, Promotion, News, or other departments can order and manage their own recording requirements by entering information at their desks with up to 10 networked desktops licensed within the facility. Residing in Master Control, the Record Manager handles the actual recording process.

Comprehensive Operations
Managing the complex tasks at record time, Intelli-Sat’s interface not only displays all active and upcoming record events, but will intelligently allocate resources as the recording schedule executes. Any errors or resource conflicts are highlighted, and if necessary, the on-duty operator can override the schedule or perform an ad hoc recording. Device control is handled through Avid’s network-based SIDON® architecture.

Tight Integration with Avid FastBreak Automation
A solid stand-alone tool, Intelli-Sat is even more powerful when integrated into a complete Avid FastBreak automation system. Once a program is recorded via Intelli-Sat, the media record metadata is updated directly in the FastBreak automation media database, creating a finished recording ready to screen and prep.

Automated Workflow
Program and recording details need only be input into the system once, including repeating items, with Intelli-Sat's distributed information architecture. Once a user inputs the information, the feed will be recorded, prepped, played-to-air, and reconciled without the data ever having to be re-entered or changed.

Following a recording, the Operator simply reviews the program and its segment metadata to verify it is ready for play-to-air. On the actual air date, the program's information will appear on the traffic log, and Avid FastBreak will schedule the tape or server element without further operator intervention. At the end of the broadcast day, show information is returned to the Traffic department in the "As-Run" file for reconciliation.

Ease of Use
Making it easy for non-technical staff to schedule recordings, the Schedule Manager employs Wizards to guide novice users through the scheduling process. In order to reduce the amount of keyboard data entry required for recurring events, the user can access detailed, reusable program templates. Meanwhile, the system also carries the detailed technical data needed by Master Control.

External Control
Intelli-Sat can accept scheduling information from external applications. Fully compliant with the BXF standard, it can interface with any application that conforms to the standard when used with the BXF Gateway. There are also several custom interfaces that have been developed with a variety of third party systems.

Multiple Configurations
Depending on requirements, Intelli-Sat can be configured as a simple scheduling tool or as a comprehensive solution to manage the entire workflow, from Dish/Receiver control to signal routing to recording.

Intelli-Sat is available in three configurations: Scheduling only, Scheduling and Recording (including router control), or the full package with Dish/Receiver control. We also offer a PBS-specific edition designed to meet the unique needs of the Public Television community.

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