AI16 Analog Input Card Analog mic/line input card for VENUE SC48 and Mix Rack
AirSpeed | 5500 Versatile media ingest and playout
AirSpeed 5000 SD/HD ingest, live acquisition, production playback, and transmission server
AMA—Avid Media Access The fastest route from shoot to edit
Amp Farm 3.0 Industry-standard Guitar Amp-modeling Effects Plug-in from Line 6
Analog Channel The Analog Experience
Analysis Pack Bundle Analysis Pack Bundle
ANO A-Net Card Aviom integration option for VENUE Stage Rack
AO16 Analog Output Card Analog output card for VENUE SC48 and Mix Rack
Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle Improving the Way the World Sounds/Bass Enhancing Plug-In for Pro Tools
Artist Color Accelerate your color grading—hands-on
Artist Control Accelerate audio/video editing and mixinghands-
Artist DNxIO High-res video I/O interface with Media Composer option
Artist Mix Compact 8-fader control surface for Pro Tools and other audio/video apps (formerly Euphonix MC Mix)
Artist Transport High-performance jog/shuttle/transport control for Pro Tools and other audio/video apps (formerly Euphonix MC Transport)
AT16 A-Net Output Card Aviom integration option for VENUE SC48 and Mix Rack
Audio plugins Advanced low-frequency generator plug-in
AudioScore Ultimate 6 Polyphonic Music Recognition & Transcription
AudioScore Ultimate 7 Polyphonic music recognition and transcription software
Auralia Comprehensive software for ear training and aural tests
Automation Archive Manager The intelligent interface between Avid FastBreak Automation Solutions and archive management middleware
Avid Channel Strip Avid System 5 console EQ and dynamics emulation
Avid HD Live System Bundles Live sound recording packages featuring Avid live and Pro Tools|HD systems
Avid S3 Compact 16-fader EUCON control surface and integrated 4x6 audio interface
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