Media Composer Plug-ins and Options

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Nectar 2

Flawless vocal production is just a click away. From quick corrections to limitless creativity, Nectar 2 treats your voice to sweet results.

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Master soundtracks with ease with this set of RTAS plug-in mastering tools, including Maximizer, Equalizer, Dynamics, Reverb, and more.

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RX 3

Rescue your audio from the cutting room floor! With remedies for noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles, and more, RX 3 is the most robust and best-sounding audio repair toolkit on the market.

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SurCode for Dolby E

Complete encoding, decoding, monitoring, metadata management and quality control of Dolby’s mezzanine audio format. Fully certified and licensed by Dolby Labs.

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Industry Standard Loudness Metering. With a unique design, focused on primary loudness parameters, VisLM-H gives an instant overview and detailed historical information enabling you to hit target first time every time.

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No-hassle automatic correction to international standards. Immediate finishing of audio mixed using real-time loudness meters. Loudness consistency (dialogue clarity | music bed level) eliminate loudness jumps. LM-Correct solves your loudness issues immediately

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ISL is a transparent look-ahead limiter designed to allow you to get on with creative audio production while it takes care of True-peak compliance for you.

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Video Sound Suite

Make your video sound as good as it looks with this collection of plug-ins for fixing, improving, enhancing, and sweetening audio.

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