Media Cacher


Saving substantial time and effort, Media Cacher transfers large quantities of tape-based content from shelf to server. Since most broadcast facilities have transitioned to a fully file-based workflow, shelf space is limited and many organizations have more content than can be stored. Media Cacher facilitates transfer to digital storage and free up valuable storage space.

Key Features

Migrates Videotapes to Digital Files
Media Cacher utilizes the SIDON® control system to operate any number of videotape machines, routers and video server ports to transfer content. It also migrates the metadata that describes the tape assets to the digital file database. Transfers can happen simultaneously, limited only by the available number of tape decks and server ports.

Stand-Alone Functionality Available
Media Cacher can be configured to operate either as an integrated component of an Avid FastBreak automation system, or in stand-alone mode as a critical part of a large archiving project.

Easy Tape Preparation
Requiring only that it be pre-segmented (i.e., prepared as if for direct play-to-air), a tape's content information is stored in the automation tape database, where it can either be aired directly from the tape or cached into a server.

Simple Workflow
The Media Cacher screen presents information from the tape library in one window, allowing the operator to simply drag the desired elements over to the cache window. As tape machines and server encoder ports become available, Media Cacher automatically cues the VTR and transfers material to the server.

Greatly reducing the work of transferring long-form material into the server and allowing the process to run virtually unattended, Media Cacher can use the Sony FlexiCart as a machine source.

Eliminate On-Air Tape Problems
Significantly easing the workload of facilities with a large tape library, the Media Prep interface works directly with Media Cacher to request tape elements to be cached to the server as they appear in the traffic log. Media Prep and Media Cacher will interact in the background to cache material on an as-needed basis.

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Media Cacher Diagram

Media Cacher Diagram