Speed up Your Editing with the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option, Powered by Nexidia

Stop wasting time and money generating transcripts of your project just to locate clips more easily. With the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option—a powerful software option for Media Composer | Software—you can find the right clips fast, with highly accurate results. The powerful search engine automatically analyzes clips and indexes all dialog in your project’s media phonetically, so you can quickly find clips by simply typing a word or phrase—right from within your software.

PhraseFind video


PhraseFind may be the coolest feature ever.

Greg Huson, Chief, Secret Headquarters, Inc.

The Media Composer | PhraseFind Option fully integrates directly within Media Composer | Software as a plug-in that you access through the Find dialog. And it works automatically in the background, so you don’t need to feed it material manually. Easily pull up every take of a performance within a project to find the best one. Find alternative clips that contain a certain word to edit dialog. And locate all of those great sound bites instantly. Even when a project spans across local and shared storage, the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option will help you find things fast.

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