Control multiple Pro Tools|HD systems from one. Satellite Link is a powerful software option that allows you to synchronize and control up to twelve Pro Tools|HD systems as one, with near sample-accurate lock, from a single transport — all without having to purchase additional hardware*. It’s the perfect solution for post-production and music environments with multiple operators and multiple Pro Tools|HD systems.

SYNC HD or SYNC I/O required on each Pro Tools|HD system for near-sample accurate lock

Distributed and supported by Avid. To purchase, find your nearest Avid Dealer or order online at the Avid Store. All prices, features, and specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Sync up to twelve Pro Tools|HD systems together with near sample-accurate lock
  • Multi-master transport capabilities allow each linked system to control transport functions
  • Supports Video Satellite and Video Satellite LE options for working with high-definition video
  • Solo-link capabilities enable linked systems to function as a single mixer
  • Loop playback and half-speed mode suppor