Link and control multiple Pro Tools | HD systems with a simple Ethernet network, saving thousands of dollars on expensive synchronizers. Satellite Link is a powerful feature included with Pro Tools | HD 11 & 12 that allows you to synchronize and control up to twelve Pro Tools | HD systems (or 11 Pro Tools HD Systems and 1 Media Composer with Video Satellite) as one, with near sample-accurate lock, from a single transport*. It’s the perfect solution for post-production and music environments with multiple operators and multiple Pro Tools | HD systems.

* SYNC HD resolved to ‘blackburst’ are required on each Pro Tools | HD system for near-sample accurate lock. Requires Pro Tools | HD Hardware for all but one system – one regular Pro Tools system can chase – but will not be resolved.


  • Sync up to twelve Pro Tools | HD systems together with near sample-accurate lock
  • Multi-master transport capabilities allow each linked system to control all transport functions
  • Supports Video Satellite Media Composer (a separate purchase) for better workflow with the video team
  • Solo-link capabilities enable linked systems to function as a single mixer for professional multi-operator mixing scenarios
  • Easily take systems on or offline with visual ‘chicklets’ in transport window or supported Avid control surface
  • Loop playback and half-speed mode support
 “Satellite Link is excellent and has changed the way we work and allow us to be more creative... We saved over $30,000 in external synchronizers. Even better, we lock up in under 10 Frames! Our last project's director was blown away with our speed and workflow... It’s a truly great product.”
Marty Humphrey
C.A.S. Owner and Lead Mixer
The Dub Stage — Burbank, CA