Schedule Builder


Overcoming the difficulty of building a daily broadcast schedule without a traffic system, Schedule Builder is a comprehensive tool that enables users to build programming templates and full schedules.

Key Features

A Better Option
Directly accessing the automation database, Schedule Builder times each playback element accurately.

It is possible to build a schedule on the Media Prep workstation; however, a valuable workstation would be tied up unnecessarily. Time calculations created on an Excel spreadsheet are neither as precise nor accurate as required.

Building Block Workflow
For maximum flexibility, Schedule Builder is designed around reusable scheduling modules. A user can define a small portion of the broadcasting day (example – a generic 30 minute program), outlining program segments and break avails. Saving time, the generic module can be cloned, and operators can add more information to build a specific program module. Modules can then be copied and updated with day-specific information. A full schedule is made up of “stacked” program modules, while spots and interstitials are “dragged and dropped” into the schedule for a full day’s playback schedule.

Access the Inventory
It’s easy to find and schedule spots using existing automation database information, since Scheduler Builder is directly linked to the database.

Schedule Files are Ready to Use
The finished schedules created in Schedule Builder are properly formatted and ready for automation system processing. Reports can be produced in a variety of electronic and printed formats.

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