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ICON D-Control In-Depth Videos

Take an up-close and personal tour of mixing with ICON

Are you new to ICON or looking for deeper insight into its functionality? This free video tutorial series, hosted by Avid ICON specialists Gil Gowing and Tom Graham, will show you the fundamentals of mixing Pro Tools|HD sessions with an ICON D-Control console, as well as more advanced automation functionality.

Each bite-sized HD video gives you a detailed look at a specific D-Control feature/function and how to use it in the context of a real mix, so you can see, hear, and learn how to use the console at your own pace. It’s the visual ICON user guide you’ve been asking for!

Check back for more videos – coming soon.

Watch the videos.


Chapter 1: Intro to the D-Control ES Layout


Chapter 2: Navigating Channel Strips


Chapter 3: Channel Encoders, Decoded


Chapter 4: Focus on the Focus Channel


Chapter 5: Map Plug-ins to Custom Faders


Chapter 6: Custom Fader Tracks and Groups


Chapter 7: Faster Workflows with Pro Tools 8 and 9


Chapter 8: Automation Basics

Automation Basics

Chapter 9: Advanced Automation (part 1)


Chapter 10: Advanced Automation (part 2)