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Today’s conform processes are complex. They often involve multiple layers, effects, sources, and delivery requirements. These types of data-intensive demands cannot be met by a simple CMX EDL (edit decision list).  FilmScribe manages this complexity by providing all valuable metadata – the important behind-the-scenes information about your media files and final sequences – in easy to access reports or files. Having metadata at your fingertips expands the choices available during conform and guarantees that you can accurately re-create your vision faster and more efficiently during final mastering.

FilmScribe is based on Avid’s award-winning film list generator feature - a standard component included in every Media Composer and Symphony system. FilmScribe supports all film and video projects to enhance your unique production workflows.

Easy to share. Automatically generate web-ready HTML code that’s packaged and ready to publish to the web, where everyone can get what they need to get their jobs done.  With FilmScribe you’ll sync up and share the most current versions, saving time and reducing hassles.

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Easy to use.  After the edit, FilmScribe exports all of your sequence metadata in industry-standard XML and tab-delimited formats so your valuable information ends up where it’s supposed to be.  Now the data behind processes such as color correction, negative conform and DI scanning can be easily integrated into your production pipeline.  FilmScribe drives increased accuracy and removes redundancies.

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Embrace change. Immediate change list reporting between sequences keeps all creative functions such as audio post production and graphics and effects work in sync with the most up to date changes occurring in picture edit.

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Deploy everywhere. As a stand alone tool, FilmScribe isn’t tied to one location or one application, including Media Composer. List reporting is accessible anywhere metadata is needed - in your editing suites, at the online house, or during sound sweetening. Whatever your workflow, your metadata is flexible and ready when you are