Media Composer Plug-ins and Options

Expand your creativity and capabilities

Get the looks you want and the workflows you need. Expand your Avid editing/finishing capabilities with these AVX/RTAS/AudioSuite plug-ins and software options created by some of the most respected companies in the industry.

These plug-ins and options work with Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, and Avid DS (except where noted)—many of which you can purchase online now in the Avid Store.



Blackmagic Design

DaVinci Resolve

Get Hollywood’s most powerful and creative color correction and grading for film, TV, commercials, music videos, and more.

Boris FX

Boris RED (aka Avid FX)

Create broadcast-quality 3D composites, titles, and effects with over 160 VFX filters.

Boris BLUE

Get 3D creativity, with real-time performance and ease, with this suite of 3D effects, 3D deformers, processor effects, and OpenGL filters.

Boris Continuum Complete

Create stunning visuals with this comprehensive VFX and compositing package, featuring 200+ filters.

Boris FX

Get effects, transitions, image processing, paint, and rotoscoping tools in this comprehensive pack of 220+ BCC and FEC filters.

Boris Graffiti

Create 2D and 3D animated titles and achieve one-of-a-kind looks with this package of over 75 BCC and FEC filters.

Boris Transfer AE

Seamlessly transfer Media Composer and Final Cut sequences to After Effects—including multiclip edits, audio, and effects—with this AE plug-in.

Boris Transfer FCP

Seamlessly transfer sequences between Avid editing/finishing systems and Final Cut Pro.

Boris Transition Presets for Avid FX 6 by Eye Scream Factory

Easily add transition effects, from extruded shatters and lens flares to organic wipes and waves, with this collection of 200+ presets.

Boris Transition Presets for Avid FX 6 by Kevin P McAuliffe

Easily create organic and fluid transitions with this pack of 74 DVE presets for Avid FX 6, created by editor Kevin P McAuliffe.

Final Effects Complete

Create totally unique and organic looks with this collection of over 110 designer effects and transitions—the perfect companion to BCC.

Digital Film Tools


Composite Suite Pro*

This well-rounded collection of visual effects plug-ins provides the tools you need to composite images, correct color, and create VFX.

Film Stocks*

Create the look of photographic film stock, motion picture film stock, and historical photographic processes with this unique filter.

Copy the brightness, color, tone, detail, grain, and texture from one image and apply it to another.


Create stunning and realistic light ray effects quickly and easily, including light streaming through clouds, rays through a forest canopy, and more.


Perform selective sharpening, detail enhancement, edge-aware smoothing, cartoon, and pencil effects.


Create blue and green screen composites easily using a collection of keying, matte generation, and compositing tools.


Baselight for Avid*

Quickly color correct shots right in Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter with a comprehensive subset of powerful grading tools.



Create stunning, organic effects and transitions and increase your productivity and quality output with this powerful package of plug-ins.



Make vocal and dialog recordings sound professional with this set of 11 RTAS plug-ins, which includes a note editor, EQ, compressor, and more.


Master soundtracks with ease with this set of RTAS plug-in mastering tools, including Maximizer, Equalizer, Dynamics, Reverb, and more.

RX 2*

Perfect audio tracks with a complete RTAS repair toolkit that enables you to remove noise, hiss, buzz, hum, clicks, crackle, and restore audio.


3D Explosions
Inject explosive energy into your videos with this astonishing collection of customizable 3D transitions, which includes 180 presets and 13 plug-ins.

3D Transformations

Create eye-popping transitions that twist, fly, fold, bounce, and more from one scene to the next. Includes 165 presets and 13 transitions.

Art Blends

Bring out the artistry in your productions with this collection of 113 imaginative transitions in 10 specialized video effects.

Art Effects

Add visual pizzazz to productions with this powerful collection of 100 effects that shifts your video into a visually stunning alternative reality.

Film Effects

Give your projects a film-like appearance, complete with blemishes, jitters, spots, scratches, and graininess.

Light Blends

Electrify your story with stunning light flares, orbs, rays, strobes, and more with this collection of highly stylized light transitions.

Motion Blends

Introduce refreshing new ways to move your imagery and keep viewers engaged with this collection of shape-shifting transitions and effects.

Motion Effects

Add action and energy to a scene with this collection of 100 dynamic energy effects. Simulate earthquakes, ripple frames, and more.

Paint Effects

Stylize your video with this collection of artistic effects that makes your video look like a painting, drawing, or cartoon—with a click of the mouse.

Titler Pro

Create visually stunning 2D and 3D titles—with full control over every character—with this easy-to-use but powerful titling tool.

Video Essentials

Expand your creative palette with a wide variety of must-have effects and tools that’ll help you create stunning imagery in no time.


SoundCode for Dolby Digital*

Professionally encode soundtracks in AC3 format and get real-time decoding with this mastering-quality workflow tool (RTAS plug-in).

Ocean Systems


Easily archive, move, and share complete Avid editing projects and media with this standalone software application.


Optimize video with this standalone forensic video analysis system, enabling you to clarify, magnify, and enhance video footage.


Reduce background noise to improve the clarity of voices and other audio evidence with this forensic audio AudioSuite plug-in.


Heroglyph Pro*

Create professional video titles, lower thirds, credits, travel routes, and handwriting animation with only one amazing tool.


Steady your video—no matter how fast the action—with this 3D video stabilization package, which includes rolling shutter compensation.

VitaScene Pro*

Create stunning visuals with this all-in-one solution, offering transitions, filters, film-look effects, text effects, and image enhancement tools.

Red Giant Software

Magic Bullet Looks*

Set the mood of your story by designing with color. This suite of tools enables you to grade and correct color easily.

RE:Vision Effects

ReelSmart Motion Blur*

Add more natural-looking motion blur to a sequence, or create interesting effects, without any effort.



Speed up, slow down, or change the frame rate of your image sequences with this intelligent object tracker.


SmartSound Music

Easily add professional-quality music to video productions from a choice of royalty-free albums in a wide range of musical genres and themes.

SonicFire Pro
Customize your SmartSound Music to fit perfectly to any video scene, from customizing the length to mood mapping and timing control.

Sorenson Media


Optimize video for web or DVD play with this easy-to-use video encoder. Expand your transcoding capabilities with Squeeze options.

Squeeze Pro

Get everything in squeeze, plus Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, and Dolby Pro (AC3) encoding.


Moving Picture*

Create panning and zooming effects on high-resolution images—up to 8,000 x 8,000 pixels (ala, the Ken Burns effect).



Get the re-created look of over 2,000 Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain effects, and more.


Video Sound Suite

Make your video sound as good as it looks with this collection of plug-ins for fixing, improving, enhancing, and sweetening audio.


* Please note that these products work with Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter, but not Avid DS.