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Media Composer Academic

The World’s Most Advanced Film and Video Editing System. Just $295 for education.

Empowering creative students to become the next generation of successful editors, Media Composer Academic is just $295 USMSRP for institutions and students.  Beginning September 30, 2009, students with academic versions of Media Composer software (versions 3.5 through 5.5 purchased on or after March 1, 2009) will qualify for complimentary upgrades for four years from the date of software activation.

Interview with Chris Nelson at BEA

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 The industry standard is Media Composer. It’s the most flexible and stable editing system there is and you need to know it inside and out!
Christopher Nelson, ACE Editor LOST and Mad Men

What’s new In Media Composer 6

  • Get better performance and speed to handle complex editing, now that Media Composer is a 64-bit app (Still need 32-bit? Learn more about Media Composer 5.5)
  • Manage and edit stereoscopic 3D projects with a comprehensive set of editorial tools and workflows.
  • Create 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixes directly within Media Composer, or import from Pro Tools
  • And so much more  

Students: Get free upgrades for the next four years!

As a student, you can buy Media Composer 6 Academic for just $295 USMSRP and receive free upgrades to every new version released for four years after purchasing.  You’ll stay at the very cutting edge of editing technology throughout your studies.

Did you buy Media Composer Academic after February 2009?

Then you qualify for a free upgrade to Media Composer 6 Academic – plus receive free upgrades for four years from the date you activated your original copy.

Get your complimentary student upgrade to Media Composer 6 Academic now