Avid Support Codes

About Avid Support Codes (ASC)

Avid has built and maintains one of the largest worldwide support networks in the industry. Get on-demand support for your Avid products with the Avid Support Code (ASC). The ASC gives you access to our expert technical support resources. Our experts are available during business hours to help you get the most out of our products.

ASCs for telephone support are available for sale on the Avid webstore. If you wish to purchase an ASC, please visit the Avid webstore.

An ASC purchased on the webstore is valid for 60 days.

Some products receive a complimentary ASC as part of the registration process. ASCs can be valid for online or telephone support depending on the product. Please see the entitlement information below to view the support offering for your product.

To obtain assisted support using your ASC:

  • Online Assistance: To obtain online support for your Avid product, please go to http://avid.force.com/ASC. You will be prompted to enter your ASC and then you can submit your case.
  • Assistance by Telephone: If your ASC entitles you to telephone support you can use the contact information on the Avid Support Contact Page to call your regional support center.

If you need assistance with registration or have lost your registration card, click here.

Retrieve details about your ASC here.

Retrieve Case History details here.