Avid Editor Patches

Important Note:

Beginning on March, 22, 2011, you will need to create an Avid Master Account in order to access the Avid Editor Patches.  Please go to here and follow the instructions for creating  an Avid Master account if you don't have one already.

What is an Avid Editor Patch?

An Avid Editor Patch is an update for Avid products intended to address specific problems. Because patch testing involves a limited test cycle, they should only be used when a specific issue has been resolved in that respective patch. If at any time you are unsure whether a specific patch addresses your issue, check the accompanying ReadMe for verification. If the ReadMe does not mention your specific issue, you are encouraged to not install the patch. Patch updates are cumulative- the current patch usually includes all prior updates. Please note: Installation of patch software components may result in loss of data, loss of media, or other system problems.

Please note that patch files are not always offered for each version of software.


Customers using a networked solution must check software compatibility on all Avid components (Avid Editors with Avid MediaManager, Avid TransferManager or Avid Unity MediaNetwork). Consult with your Avid account representative or Avid Support representative for compatibility verification. Installation of individual patch software components in a networked environment may result in loss of data, loss of media, or other system problems.

You may need to download additional software specifically tested in a "bundled" configuration to maintain compatibility. Customers running a Networked Solution should contact Avid Support, your Avid Account representative, or your local Avid reseller prior to installing any software. Breaking compatibility in such Networked Environment may cause a loss of data, a loss of media or other mission critical failure.


Before you may download the software, you must accept the following conditions:

  • you acknowledge that the software may not be compatible with other Avid or third-party components;
  • you accept full responsibility for testing the software before installing it in a networked or production environment;
  • you accept all risk of data loss, media loss, downtime, or other loss resulting from the failure or incompatibility of the software;
  • you acknowledge that the software is subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA) that contains additional restrictions and information regarding your use of the software.

Click "I Accept" only if you accept the above conditions.