Avid Studio Toolkit version 5.7 (PC only)

For Registered Avid Studio Toolkit 5.6 Users

All registered users of Avid Studio Toolkit version 5.6 automatically qualify for the version 5.6.4 software (PC only). This update, available via download, includes the v5.6.4 applications for Windows XP, README files, and installation instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release is for registered customers of Avid Studio Toolkit v5.6. If you are running an earlier release, you will need to upgrade your software first. For upgrade options, please visit the upgrade page. After upgrading, you will need to activate the upgrade from one product to another or one version to another here.

For Non-registered Avid Studio Toolkit Version 5.6 Users

You must be a registered user to download Avid Studio Toolkit updates.

  • To register and begin downloading your Avid Studio Toolkit v 5.7 software, click here.