IPC 100 Interplay Central For Users


4 hours


Interplay Central streamlines workflow by changing the way media professionals access, create, share, and manage media. Designed to accommodate a wide array of workflows, Interplay Central provides real-time media access through a web client and access to the iNEWS scripts and rundown via Blackberry smart phone. applications

In this course, students learn to utilize the vast resources available, via a web browser, in the Interplay Production and iNEWS systems to develop stories and add media, record voice overs, and send the final story sequence to playback.  Customers with the Interplay Central mobile application learn to use this smart phone application to break stories from the field, developing and formatting scripts and sending those to the iNEWS queue.


This course is designed for journalists who will use the robust features of Avid Interplay Central to create story sequences and send them to playback.  News producers and other news staff will also benefit from learning how to use Interplay Central to view and modify stories and iNEWS queues and to search for media assets in Interplay Production.  


  • There are no prerequisites to this course


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Log in and customize the Interplay Central layout
  • Search and view assets in the Interplay Production and iNEWS systems
  • Create stories
  • Add production cues and machine control instructions to story scripts
  • Add media to the story sequence
  • Manage audio and add voice over audio
  • Send a story to playback
  • Use the Avid Interplay Central mobile application to view, create, and modify stories
  • Use top-line messaging to communicate with team members