Pro Tools 310I ICON Mixing Techniques


Suggested length: 3 days


This course focuses on advanced ICON mixing techniques in both music and post-production environments. This course provides comprehensive, hands-on ICON training, and is offered in several different training options, including expert-level certification. To attain expert-level ICON Mixer certification, you must complete the ICON training course and pass the optional hands-on certification exam offered at Avid Learning Partners.


This course is designed for end-users with intermediate control surface skills who are looking to use the ICON series of work surfaces in their production environments.



By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the ICON worksurface layout
  • Configure XMON for monitoring audio
  • Navigate tracks on the console
  • Employ editing, zooming and navigation techniques
  • Understand the ICON Channel Strip
  • Control plug-ins
  • Assign Custom Fader groups, plug-in mapping and Mix/Edit Groups using the console.
  • Work with Surround Panners