Media Composer Onsite Training


Custom Length


A Media Composer onsite training class can be customized to cover a range of topics within your Media Composer 6 workflow: from initial set up to final output. An onsite is ideal for those who don't have the time to get away from their facility or for those who want to get individualized attention from an Avid Certified Instructor.


A Media Composer onsite course is suitable for any level of Media Composer user.


  • No familiarity with the system is necessary 
  • Completion of a Mac or Windows intro course or equivalent experience is required 
  • A background in editing, production, or post-production is strongly recommended


Media Composer onsite training can be customized to suit your workflow.
In addition to Avid's standard 100 and 200 level courses, the following are suggested topics:

  • Manage projects and media
  • Understand file based workflows
  • Organize project assets
  • Master buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Perform advanced trimming and editing techniques
  • Use MultiCamera editing
  • Use Script Integration and ScriptSync
  • Understand stereoscopic workflows
  • Adjust audio with EQ
  • Use Real-Time (RTAS) AudioSuite plug-ins
  • Understand media formats and codecs
  • Perform primary and secondary color correction
  • Documentary and digital filmmaking workflows 
  • Use 3D warp effects
  • Understand effects performance and rendering
  • Master techniques for creating complex effect composites
  • Understand Intraframe and AniMatte effects
  • Use keyframe graphs to break down and modify effect parameters
  • Use matte and chroma keys