Pro Tools 10 Onsite Training


Custom Length


A Pro Tools onsite training class can be customized to cover a range of topics within your Pro Tools 10 workflow: from initial set up to final mixdown. An onsite is ideal for those who don't have the time to get away from their facility or for those who want to get individualized attention from an Avid Certified Instructor.


A Pro Tools onsite course is suitable for any level of Pro Tools user.


  • Basic understanding of recording techniques and processes.


Pro Tools onsite training can be customized to suit your workflow.
In addition to Avid's standard 100, 200, and 300 level courses, the following are suggested topics.

  • Rountrip workflow: Pro Tools to Media Composer
  • Optimize your system
  • Configure and navigate sessions
  • Manage sessions using DigiBase browsers
  • Edit using alternate tools and advanced nudging techniques
  • Employ HD automation modes
  • Mix with Pro Tools|HD Family
  • Finish the session by creating a final mixdown
  • Configure Pro Tools
  • Troubleshoot a Pro Tools system
  • Use tactile control of Pro Tools
  • Execute post production recording techniques
  • Implement network and collaboration workflows
  • Use Pro Tools with a video satellite
  • Execute editing workflows
  • Understand Field recorder workflows and conforming
  • Implement advanced routing and mixing
  • Use mixing techniques in post production
  • Mix with satellite link
  • Use advanced layback techniques